How to Set Up Your Chiropractic Business on Google Maps

Chiropractic marketing strategies

Are you looking for ideas to jumpstart your chiropractic marketing strategy?  We're so glad you asked! 

When brainstorming a chiropractic marketing strategy for your practice, you might be asking yourself a question so common to business owners: "Now that I have a website, how do I get people to come to it?"  Today we will tell you how to quickly create traffic to your chiropractic practice website, and the method is fast and completely free!

The secret? Create a Google Maps listing 

Google Maps is a service with many useful applications.  Its GPS-like navigation system lets you calculate the shortest or fastest route and check the traffic on the roads. Thanks to access to satellite images, people going on vacation can see what the hotel looks like and the amenities in its vicinity.  This is why Google Maps serves a very important purpose for businesses serving their local communities.  Every chiropractor can add their listing to Google Maps for free so that when people are living nearby and search for chiropractic services, the practice will prominently pop up in the map results.   In addition, people can search Google Maps not only for specific addresses (city, street, or number) but also for keywords (eg.: "chiropractor Calgary" or "chiropractor near me"), so remember to add plenty of keywords to the content of your listing as a part of your chiropractic marketing strategy.

How to add your chiropractic practice to Google Maps

The process of setting up a Google Maps listing for your business is easy:

  1. Log in, or create a Google account
  2. Add your private practice to "Google My Business"
  3. Create a showcase for your company
  4. Verify your account
  5. And it's ready!

When thinking about creating a Google My Business profile for your chiropractic practice, it's also really worth paying attention to:

  1. matching your business to the appropriate main category
  2. appropriate optimization of your chiropractic practice name in Google Maps
  3. providing your current working hours
  4. uploading a large number of your photos (photos from the outside, photos of the parking lot, photos of rooms, products, etc.)
  5. verification of your chiropractic practice Google Maps listing using a code from a Google postcard

Can you optimize your Google Maps listing further?

The principles of optimizing your chiropractic practice listing in Google Maps are simple. After completing the basic profile in the previous step, continue to enter as much information about your chiropractic practice as possible, and make sure that you include all the keywords you care about, especially about your highest value services like cold laser therapy. The following items are particularly important: your company name, address, opening hours, and contact details. The rank position of your chiropractic practice in Google maps will be strongly influenced by the reviews left by your customers. The number of reviews issued doesn't matter as much for where you end up in the ranking, but the ratings you get may encourage a potential customer to book your services. Additionally, it is worth remembering about the aesthetics. Make sure that you use high-quality photos that showcase your chiropractic practice and proof-read all your information.

Your Google Maps chiropractic marketing strategy, in summary

Your potential customers use Google Maps to find a route to a specific point or search for nearby businesses. Creating a Google Maps listing for your chiropractic practice is a great form of free marketing that will attract new customers.  We hope you give it a go!

Questions?  Feel free to reach out to us to chat about Google Maps and chiropractic practice marketing, and see the full list of our chiropractic marketing services for specialists just like you.  We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and work nationally and in the U.S.



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