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We're Sparktribe. A full-service psychology practice marketing agency serving practitioners in Canada and the U.S. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of psychology practice marketing on the internet. From one-person therapy practices to large clinics with dozens of psychology specialties, we provide counseling professionals with tried and tested psychology practice marketing strategies, while respecting ethics, authenticity, and privacy.


Start with a great psychology practice website

Our beautiful and conversion-optimized websites attract ideal clients and build new possibilities.  As a psychology practice marketing agency it is our goal to ensure that new customers are not only finding you in across online channels but are engaged and develop a trusting connection with your business — with every interaction and click.  Our psychology practice websites include compelling content that highlights your therapy expertise, integrated contact forms, high-quality images, analytics tagging and integration, and keyword-optimized content.


Win new clients with Google Ads campaigns

Are you currently marketing your psychology practice with Google Ads? If your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is not bringing back at least $4 for each dollar invested, your Google ads are underperforming.  Partnering with us to manage your psychology practice marketing campaigns will ensure you exceed this standard while taking away the confusion of navigating it by yourself.  We specialize in setting up Google Ads for psychologists and therapists, putting them right in front of potential clients right as they search for counseling services, turning therapy practice websites into sources of reliable and qualified leads. Curious about your Return on Ad Spend?  Make your own calculation here:


Impress with psychology practice marketing content

We can help you to use the power of content marketing to showcase your psychology knowledge and convince your potential clients to choose your practice. We create unique and keyword-optimized sets of digital content that's ideal for therapy practice marketing, including mental health-focused newsletters, articles, social media posts, and engaging website content.  All of our content focuses on executing the best therapy practice marketing strategies that attract ideal clients while supporting your image as an expert in the psychology field.


Get ongoing marketing support

Partnering with us to take over your ongoing psychology practice marketing functions will ensure you maintain and grow your psychology marketing strategy while taking away the expense and guesswork of trying to do it all yourself.  Our monthly support plans offer flexibility to choose what marketing challenges you need help with most.  We are based in Canada and work locally and in the U.S.  We invite you to get in touch with us and see how we can help you transform your psychology practice marketing and grow your therapy practice.

Psychology Practice Marketing FAQ

Your frequently asked questions about psychology practice marketing, answered:

Yes, and as a marketing agency for psychologists, we pay careful attention to not only meet but exceed the ethical considerations for the healthcare and psychology marketing fields.

Businesses in the healthcare field, which includes psychologists and therapists, frequently need to abide by special advertising guidelines, for example, in Google Ads.  Running aground these rules, by using prohibited keywords, or having other policy violations, triggers automatic ad disapprovals.  Disapproved ads lead to account suspension.

Remarketing is also disallowed in the healthcare field, as are any statements or promises of cures, or wording that appears personalized.  

We don't have set prices for our psychology practice marketing, as the final quote is always tailored to a particular situation.  Some clients prefer to hand off all marketing to us, while others only need help in certain areas.  It usually comes down to their budget.  Most clients can expect to invest between $1,250 and $1,950 CAD per month in a full marketing support plan, not inclusive of additional external advertising costs (Google Ads click costs, for example). 

What's typically included?

  • Website hosting, security, and maintenance
  • Website content updates
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads management
  • Social media management
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Newsletter management
  • 1-2 custom blog articles per month
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Dedicated account manager and prompt support

Our pricing range places us significantly below the costs of bigger competitors while providing service and value clients won't find among low-budget marketing agencies.  We don't have quotas to fill and won't encourage higher Google Ads spending than what is needed for our client's business goals.  If you're interested in learning about how much to budget for your marketing, we recommend this guide from Business Development Canada.

Are you curious about what it would cost to outsource your marketing to us?  Feel free to contact us to request a no-obligation quote.

Start with your goals.  This is the backbone that keeps all digital marketing activities together, and dictates where you will focus your resources.   Are you just starting out, and need new customers, fast?  Or are you an established practice with plenty of clients, but need a bit of help with branding and visibility in social media?  Knowing the answers to these questions will be very helpful in our initial discussion.  Once we know your goals, we can discuss together how digital marketing can support them.  Think of what may have already been done with your psychology practice marketing, what channels you used, and what results have been achieved.

The advantage of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is the ability to set precise targeting and measurement of results. Depending on the channel, marketing can be targeted, for example, by location, gender, age, and interests. Ad platforms also offer a variety of opportunities to target advertising based on how users behave on your website. All advertising is measurable and you can see how the advertising works in real-time and what measures lead to. These well-defined advertising results are referred to as conversions. If your ad doesn't measure conversions, you can still measure engagement, clicks, or ad impressions.

No marketing channel or technology automatically brings in more customers.  For one psychology practice, marketing on Google Ads may be the best choice, while for another Facebook and Instagram could fit better. Channel choices are based on goals and strategy, and our expertise allows us to recommend the right approach and tools for each client.

We think it's misleading to generalize channels and measures in the field of marketing. Every company is different and customer target groups value different things. The choices must be made according to the current starting situation in order to be able to achieve the set goals.

This is worth asking, and it depends on our current workload.  We occasionally take on micro-projects, but our overall goal is to be marketing partners that work with our customers over the long haul.  Our number one priority is high quality and results, which are not readily obtained with a two-week effort and without any measurement.

There are specific legal requirements related to the collection and storage of confidential customer data for private practices and healthcare providers (PIPEDA in Canada, or HIPAA in the U.S.).  Mishandling of email addresses is one of the classic errors that can happen when clients manage their marketing themselves.  Lists have been collected whose origins no one knows.  What often happens is that the customer has not wanted to receive marketing communication, but the private practice sees a marketing opportunity and uses it.  That can create a lot of problems.

Email marketing and spamming are two very different things. Many e-mail marketing systems also prohibit the use of purchase registers or registers obtained elsewhere. Therefore, be careful not to misuse the customer information in your possession.

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