Google Ads (Adwords) Management

Outsourced Google Ads management for busy professional practices


Are you paying too much for Google Ads?

Did you know that most professional practices that manage their Google Ads themselves end up with a lower return on ad spend (ROAS) than if they were to outsource to an agency?  A solid ROAS is anything over 400% — or a 4:1 return. In some cases, businesses might see results higher than that.  Depending on your geography and keyword competitiveness, it's not impossible to earn an average return of $8 - $12 for every $1 spent on Google Ads.  If you're currently managing your own ads and not seeing anything close to this ratio, your account might not only be underperforming - it might be yielding a negative return.

Our difference as your Google Ads management agency

Our main objective in managing clients' Google Ads is to reduce costs while driving up leads and conversions.  This way, your Google Ads account becomes more profitable and the saved budget can be used to expand ads and get even more cheap leads.  To do this, we look at many factors that are not available in the simplified  "Smart", or "Express" versions of Google Ads.  We take into account the account structure, keyword modifiers, negative keywords, bidding options, ad quality scores, and our own proprietary tools that help us see your performance and that of your competitors.  

Google Ads & your website: complete marketing integration

As a full-service marketing agency, we offer more value than standalone Google Ads agents can.  We fully integrate our clients' Google Ads campaign planning with their website content, optimizing landing page keywords for maximum relevancy to those in the Google Ads account.  This integration results in favorable ad quality scores, which can translate into generous discounts on costs per click (CPC) of up to 30%. 


Let us help you get more out of your Google Ads budget



You know who your target client is - now let us help you reach them.  Professional firms like accounting practices, dental clinics, psychology practices, chiropractors, and similar businesses can all reap benefits from outsourced management of their Google Ad campaigns.  Partnering with us to take over your ongoing Google Ads management will ensure you get the most for your investment while eliminating the time, expense, and guesswork of trying to do it all yourself.  We are based in Canada and work locally and in the U.S.  We invite you to get in touch with us and see how we can help you transform your marketing and your business.

Your Google Ads Partners

Data driven, trackable results
No lock-in contracts
Regulated services expertise
Canada-based dedicated account manager
15+ years of professional experience

Your External Marketing Department

No lock-in contracts
Flat-fee, no commissions
Flexible budgets
Full-service marketing
Integrated with your website

How can we help?

Complete the form below with details about what you're looking for - we'll get back to you to arrange a quick call.  Here is what you can expect from our conversation:

  • We'll ask what your goals are and what you hope to get from hiring a marketing agency
  • We'll ask about what parts of your marketing consume the most of your time
  • We'll listen intently to your answers and offer solutions to these problems
  • We won't try to sell you things or force you down a chain of events
  • We won't bore you with technical details, or expect you to learn them
  • Sometimes things are not a good fit. If we think that's the case, we will be upfront about it

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