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From websites and communications strategy to online advertising, your requirements are broad and so is our expertise

Solutions for all your marketing needs

From new entrepreneurs to established businesses looking to revamp their marketing strategy, we specialize in campaigns and marketing concepts that drive growth and make our clients' services available to more people in their local area.  Our engagement is broken down into 3 phases:

Sparktribe Marketing Partners Marketing Strategy

#1. Marketing Strategy

We begin with a briefing session to learn about your goals, followed by a website and technology review and an analysis of your digital platforms.  Based on this, we will prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes recommendations for your website, paid advertising, social media & email marketing.  Our approach is realistic, easy to understand, and practical to implement.

Sparktribe Marketing Partners Marketing Setup

#2. Marketing Setup

We implement all of the elements in your marketing strategy, including technology, security, and logistics.  

Our digital marketing strategies typically include a mix of the following elements:

Website Creation & Hosting Setup

Beautiful, modern and user-friendly websites that are compatible across devices.  We provide reliable hosting, framework updates, and website security.

Marketing Content Creation

Original written content for your website, blog posts, graphics, and images.  All of it optimized for the right keywords and tailored to your marketing strategy.

Online Advertising Setup

Set up of accounts and advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook, and Linkedin. Each campaign is budgeted, targeted, tested, and optimized.

Social Media Setup

Set up or refresh of your social media properties, banners, optimization, linking to website, and getting you started with posts.

Newsletter Setup

Set up of your email marketing platform, design of a newsletter template, set up of a mailing list, and add opt-in integration on the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Our sites are launched with proper markup and tagging, keyword research and optimization, and security protocols.

Sparktribe Marketing Partners Marketing Support

#3. Ongoing Marketing Support

Partnering with us to take over your ongoing marketing functions will ensure you maintain and grow your marketing strategy while taking away the expense and guesswork of trying to do it all yourself.  Our monthly support plans offer flexibility to choose what you need help with most.

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