When creating a new website, most people ask themselves one very important question: now that I have a site for my business, how do I get people to come to it?  Today we will tell you a secret that will allow you to quickly create traffic to your website, and it's completely free!

Google Maps is a service that has many uses. First of all, it's a GPS-like navigation system with which you can calculate the shortest or fastest route and check the traffic on the roads. Thanks to access to satellite images, people going on vacation can see what the hotel looks like and the amenities in its vicinity.  This is why Google Maps serves a very important purpose for businesses.  Every business can add their listing to Google Maps so that when people are nearby and search, the business will prominently pop up in the map results.   In addition, people can search Google Maps not only for specific addresses (city, street, number) but also for keywords (eg.: "psychologist Calgary" or "dentist near me").

Which companies should have a profile on Google Maps?

The answer is simple - all of them!  The procedure of setting up a Google business listing is free and serves as an additional place where the potential customers can find you.

How to create a company profile on Google Maps?

It's easy:

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Add your business to "Google My Business"
  3. Create a showcase for your company
  4. Verify your account
  5. And it's ready!

When creating your company's Google My Business profile, it is worth paying attention to:

  1. matching your company to the appropriate main category
  2. appropriate optimization of the company name in Google Maps
  3. providing current working hours
  4. upload a large number of company photos (photos from the outside, photos of the parking lot, photos of rooms, products, etc.)
  5. verification of your company using a code from a Google postcard.

How to position your business on Google Maps?

The principles of positioning in Google Maps are simple. The first thing you need to do is enter as much information about your business as possible in your listing, and make sure that you include the keywords you care about. The following are particularly important: company name, address, opening hours, and contact details. The rank position of your company in maps will be strongly influenced by reviews left by customers. The number of reviews issued doesn't matter as much for where you end up in the ranking, but the ratings you get may encourage a potential customer to book your services. Additionally, it is worth remembering about the aesthetics. Make sure that you use high-quality photos that showcase your business and proof-read all your information.

Your potential customers use Google Maps to find a route to a specific point or search for nearby businesses. Creating a free Google Maps listing for your business is a great form of advertising that will attract new customers.  If you're looking for help with setting up your business on Google Maps, or need any other marketing services, feel free to reach out to us at hello@sparktribe.com.

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