5 Ways to Save Money by Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

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If you're a chiropractic or massage therapy practice owner, you've no doubt thought about Facebook ads, or you're advertising there already. Facebook Ads are a powerful marketing tool that provides private practitioners with robust user targeting options and, if deployed correctly, near-instant results.  So how can Facebook Ads be optimized in a way that performs best and attracts new, highly-targeted chiropractic and massage therapy customers?  We'll show you how! In this article, we'll walk you through how you can optimize Facebook ads to get the most out of your campaigns without spending too much money.

1. Review your Facebook ad campaign goals

The first and most important thing is to define your campaign goal. Below we will characterize those that are most useful for chiropractors and massage therapists:


Facebook ad campaign goals for chiropractors and massage therapists


  • We chose brand recognition when we want the ad to reach people who, according to Facebook's algorithms, already know and will be most interested in your business.
  • The reach option allows reaching as many new users as possible. Reach differs from recognition in that the frequency of showing an individual user is lower. In fact, it is up to us to decide how often your ad will be shown, e.g. once a week.
  • Traffic is one of the most frequently used options for private practices, and it's used to drive traffic from Facebook to the private practice website.  We recommend optimizing the campaign in terms of ad clicks, impressions, and a unique daily reach.
  • You can also choose an activity, meaning that your ad will be shown to people who reacted to your content with comments or likes. This also increases the chances that other people (friends of your followers) will also notice your private practice.

2. Refine your Facebook ad audience and targeting

Correct Facebook ad targeting is crucial to the success of your ad campaigns. So what if your ad is seen or commented on by a large number of people if these people are not interested in your chiropractic or massage therapy services? If you know exactly who you want to address the ad to - great. If you haven't thought about it yet, don't worry. The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to try various possibilities and has a myriad of targeting options, constantly estimating the size of the group.  The more precisely you define your target audience, the more effective your ad will be.  For example, we can look for a chiropractic or massage therapy service audience by filtering individuals recently involved in an accident, or suffering from pain:


Facebook ad targeting for chiropractors and massage therapists


It is also possible to create several identical ads, differentiating them only in terms of the audience. By analyzing the expenses of each of them, you can easily identify the most advantageous one and increase its budget, while ending the non-profitable one.

Remember to always review how your existing ad audiences are defined, and whether the targeting is precise enough. Facebook has visual gauges to tell you if the audience reach is too tight or too broad. Try to stay in the green area and make sure the ad audiences are clearly defined to closely match your targets, for example, by filtering age or place of residence. Do this for all your target groups:


Facebook ad audience for chiropractors and massage therapists


3. Turn on the ad campaign budget optimization

Depending on the size of the target group and the duration of the campaign, Facebook offers various optimization options.

  • When your audience base consists of several dozen to several hundred thousand people, it is recommended to choose optimization in terms of "clicks". The costs are incurred when the recipient of the ad reacts to it in some way (CPC, or cost per click).
  • If your group consists of a maximum of several thousand people, it is worth opting for optimization in terms of impressions.
  • When planning a long-term campaign, we would suggest using optimization for unique views. As a result, the user will see the ad up to once a day only.

The Facebook Ads Manager has a handy button to turn optimization on with a single click. This gives you more leeway to use your budget and bid. If your daily budget is max. $50 per ad set, your weekly budget is of course $350. The optimization tool takes control and now splits the budget between ad groups: if one ad group spends only 25% of its total budget and the other ad group has used up its budget in just two days, the optimization will shift the overall budget from the weaker set to the stronger one.

4. Set your ad budget and the Facebook ad schedule

With optimization turned on, next, you can choose to run the campaign indefinitely, or choose a campaign end date.  We recommend testing your Facebook ads for a week or two and analyzing the results.

You can then set the budget caps for each Facebook ad group. Set the lowest and highest amounts for the bids so that the optimization system gets a frame of reference. The bidding procedure will automatically apply the best bid when the optimization is on, as the optimization aims to achieve the most value for money.  However, if you're running a very short-term chiropractic or massage therapy campaign, it may be wisest not to set any bid boundaries.  This will make it very clear to see which audience resonated best and drove most of your conversions. Later, when you get to know your target audience better, you can set limits to better match your budget.

5. Test multiple Facebook ad templates

By using two or more Facebook ads for the same audience, Facebook will optimize your rotation by showing more high-conversion ads and fewer poorly performing ads within a couple of days. This way, you can show your potential clients your most persuasive ad content at the most cost-effective price.

Facebook ads for chiropractors and massage therapists - in conclusion

We hope that the above tips get you well underway in optimizing Facebook ads for your business.  If you have any questions about creating and optimizing Facebook ads, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.  As a marketing agency specializing in chiropractic and massage therapy practices, we helped many practitioners succeed with their Facebook ad strategy, and sell their most profitable services.  We would love to hear from you, too.

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